Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Porcelain Bird Stakes

Porcelain Bird Stakes

Hand made birds great in the garden

The Studio Gallery Show URBAN CAUSALTY

Red Bird Box

Cockatoo Feather Box

Black Bird Box

Urban Casualty Family Box

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dead Gold Fish Lives Again

Dogs fed, inside and outside birds fed and the pond fish fed. Checked the pond leaf trap and found one of my original tank gold fish dead. He swam into the leaf filter and was now too large to survive the small space of the filter. I was very sad as I lifted him out. Holding him in my hand I looked at him and he seemed to have turned a dark brown color over brilliant gold scales that he once wore in the pond. Who knows how old he is….five, six, seven years old. I have a hard time remembering the ages of fish, dogs, birds and kids. I have had him for a long time. I walked around the garden with this good size fish in my hand looking for a place to bury him. The thought of throwing him in the garbage wasn’t a fitting gesture for him or any of my creatures. I found the perfect place among the bed of lilies. The thought “fish fertilizer” came to mind as I dug the earth around the lilies… they will thrive and grow from my beautiful gold fish. I will see him again in the lilies next spring.

Dogs fed, inside and outside birds fed and the pond fish fed. Checked the leaf trap and found only leaves. As I walked my garden looking at the latest flowers that bloomed, traces of night insect visitors and the resident rats damage to the bird feeders, I noticed a large hole in the lily bed. The fish was missing. Fox the furry, black dog had dug the fish up and ate it.

The fish lives again not as the “Spring Lilies” but walking around in another energy being…my dog Fox.

Monday, March 30, 2009

April 1-May 2 Barbara Anderson Gallery

Urban Casualty......Little Known and Seldom Seen Birds

Valerie Raven is the poet of the everyday who believes in the secret life of inanimate objects and natural oddities.

Ravens work combines a passion for found objects with aspects of painting, collage and assemblage.

For Raven, anything can be used to make art ... bird skeletons, mummified mice, feathers and books ....all taking on a new life at her touch.

Urban Causalty Porcelain Bird Nest Book

Saturday, January 31, 2009

This Is What I Look At

School crossing metal sign with bullet holes

Birdie in her garden

Shooting Target with powder magenta
holes with Chinese Money God.

Femme Bird Clan